TTLC2018: 3 Exciting Keynotes, 2 Intensive Masterclasses, 1 Forum & up to 60 parallel sessions.

Sep 22, 2018
Sep 23, 2018
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Transforming Curriculum: Empowering Learning for Life

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With the theme, “Transforming Curriculum: Empowering Learning for Life”, the Taylor’s 11th Teaching and Learning Conference 2018 (TTLC2018) will examine key strategies for building learning institutions which are as future-capable as the graduates they develop. Education is evolving, and many institutions have set themselves a goal to prepare their learners for life.

Empowering learners for life requires a fundamental shift in designing curriculum for Higher Education focussed on broad-based education, holistic education and the development of Life Skills.  New priorities, pedagogies, technologies, spaces and assessment strategies are required to empower learners to take ownership of their learning. Creating resilient, adaptable and future-capable learners is no longer an option for Higher Education institutions as we embrace the Education 4.0 Trends.

Therefore, the future-capable institution may instead be defined by the quality and depth of the learning experience, with a clear aim to build learners with high-level capabilities needed to navigate a successful global future such as leadership, social responsibility, innovation and problem solving.

The TTLC2018’s innovative agenda is designed to “unlock” the typical conference format, and our aim is to create a space that prioritises engagement with keynotes, panelists and delegates. You can look forward to a relevant, pro-active and rewarding learning experience where peer-to-peer learning and collaboration are prevalent with experts from more than 12 countries and 30 institutions.

Our programme features sessions such as : 

  1.  Masterclass with keynote speakers
  2. Forums with representatives from different industry sectors
  3. Roundtable discussions with industry, graduates, students and academia
  4. Lightning Talks

Come join us at Taylor's 11th Teaching and Learning Conference today!
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, No. 1 Jalan Taylor's 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia. Taylor's 11th Teaching and Learning Conference 2018


Executive Advisor Prof Michael Driscoll
Vice Chancellor & President, Taylor’s University
Advisor Prof Dr Pradeep Nair 
Deputy Vice Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer, Taylor’s University 
Chairperson  Prof Dr Michael James Keppell
Pro Vice-Chancellor,  Learning & Teaching, Integrated Teaching and Lifelong Learning Centre at Taylor's (INTELLECT), Taylor’s University 
Deputy Chairperson  Mr Lim Chee Leong
Director, e-Learning Academy, Taylor’s University 
Conference Secretariat 

Ms Stephanie Karen Shasheela Nithyanandan Pandiaraj 
Ms Logesvari Marimuthu 
Mr Mayukh Dewan (Food & Beverages)
Dr Narendra Babu Shivanagere Nagojappa (Registration)
Ms Sammy Phuah Soo Sum

Forum Secretariat Ms Nancy Lee Ming See
Ms Divya Mariam Chandy
Promotion, Media and Communication

Mr Pavithiran Thangaperumal

Ms Nur Hannah Manshor

Mr Radzy Omar (Digital Marketing)

Ms Pratiusha Radhakrishnan Menon

Paper & Publication Committee  Mr Lim Chee Leong
Dr Ali Shafiq
Ms Bhuvanes Veerakumaran
Dr Jasmine Jain
Dr Jason James Turner
Mr Joaquim Dias Soeiro
Dr Lee Kim Lian
Dr Maryam Moradbeigi
Ms Nurhanim Hassan
Mr Reynato Andal Gamboa
Dr Sujatavani Gunasagaran
Dr Tamil Salvi Mari
Ms Yun Mei Ling
Sponsorship Ms Bessie Ong
Protocol & Student Helpers Dr Toh Gaik Teng
Dr Lee Sau Har
Dr Ooi Yin Yin
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